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Say goodbye to risky exchanges with your sensitive data

Centralize, authenticate and secure all your exchanges of sensitive company documents with Timeref's NF203-certified Data Room.
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Timeref Data Room

Includes all the functions of the vault, plus functions dedicated to your transactions


Track and analyze your documents at a glance

A fluid, ergonomic viewer with document version comparator saves you precious time.

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Track your transactions,
ask questions and give answers

Visualize the most active transactions with activity management and tracking across all your Data Rooms. Centralize and archive your requests with the Questions/Answers module integrated in each Data Rooms.

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Freeze your Dataroom, documents and Q&A in time

Preserve and encapsulate all exchanges between the parties involved in the transaction.

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Simplify transaction security with Timeref Data Room

Organize your workspaces efficiently
Easily manage your interactions with guests
Be your customers' trusted third party in the event of a dispute

For which business verticals?

The Timeref data room is ideal for a wide range of uses, keeping sensitive documents close at hand and in a safe place.

Legal teams and lawyers

Chartered accountants & statutory auditors

Management teams & Governance

Fundraising start-ups

Real estate professionals


Only those with editing rights can modify the data room.

By default, only administrators can modify the data room.

How does Timeref secure my data room?

Timeref is the first Data room certifief ANFOR NF 203 digital vault software to guarantee the probative value of documents.
Files are encrypted, time-stamped and digitally signed.
For access management, you can define folder-by-folder access to your data room for your guests.

Data rooms are used during due diligence by M&A experts, real estate sales, financial audits or fundraising.

Encapsulation is an innovative process developed by Timeref which takes place at the end of the deal. It consists in recording and freezing in a "capsule" all the communication that took place during the deal: deposits and consultations of sensitive data, annotations of working documents, questions/answers, access to the data room by users.

The entire life of the data room is archived in the capsule, like a film that ran from the beginning to the end of the deal. Whatever information needs to be preserved, encapsulation makes it possible to keep track of it.

But the biggest advantage of this process is its evidential value.

In the event of a dispute after the deal has been closed, the Timeref capsule can be used as evidence before a competent court, thanks to AFNOR NF203 certification, which guarantees the integrity of the data hosted by Timeref. For example, this makes it possible to prove that a document was indeed delivered to the auditors, and that it was consulted or modified by a given user on a given date.

In short, Timeref encapsulation makes your firm the "trusted third party" your customers can rely on in the event of a dispute.

You can invite as many people as you like to your data room.

Guests will have access to the data room, but will not be able to modify it.

You are not limited to the number of pages or files in your data room.

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