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A secure space to authenticate and collect your most strategic documents

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Find all the essential functions you need to manage your company's important documents efficiently.


Avoid searching for and losing important documents

Gather and classify all your sensitive documents in rooms and directories, all just a click away.

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Control access to your most sensitive data (patents, innovations, strategic documents, contracts...)

Share your sensitive files with complete peace of mind by defining specific access authorizations for each of your users in the digital vault

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Keep an eye on activity around your sensitive documents

Track all activity around your documents to identify any suspicious or non-compliant activity.

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Be ready for a deal or an Audit

Opening a data room from the digital safe will simplify your exchanges with the outside world, in complete confidentiality with regard to your employees, whether involved or not.

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What are the uses for a Digital Vault?

The Digital Vault centralizes all important documents in a dematerialized format, making them easy to share with all the company’s contacts. It facilitates access to documents needed for dealings with financial institutions or public administrations, and is useful for calls for tender.

Accountants can access it for accounting and financial statements. Shareholders and directors can access income statements and meeting minutes, increasing their autonomy in accessing information.

Employees benefit from a secure personal space where their pay slips, employment contracts and other important documents are stored. This can be integrated with human resources management systems, with an opt-out option for electronic archiving of pay slips.

Customers and suppliers also have a dedicated space for exchanging financial documents, purchase orders, invoices and contracts.

If you’re an administrator, you can monitor what’s happening in your Digital Vault.

  • The safe
  • The user
  • The action taken
  • The file or folder concerned
  • In which folder the action was performed

Yes, you can have several digital vaults depending on your subscription.
If you have several customers using Timeref, you can access all your digital vaults from the same interface.

All file types can be stored in the Digital Vault:

Document files: doc | docx | rtf | txt

Image files: jpg | jpeg | png

Presentation files: pdf | pps | ppt | pptx

Data files: csv | xls | xlsx | xlsb

Compressed files: rar | tar.gz | zip

Miscellaneous files: odf | odg | odp | ods | odt | otp | ott

AFNOR NF203 certification for a digital vault is a French standard that guarantees the security and reliability of an electronic safe designed to store sensitive data.

This standard certifies that the digital vault complies with a certain number of security and reliability criteria, such as burglary resistance, data integrity, data availability, data confidentiality, access management, etc.

By obtaining AFNOR NF203 certification, Timeref proves that its product has been tested and evaluated according to strict security standards, and that it offers effective protection against the risks of breaches of confidentiality and integrity of stored data.

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