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An M&A Dataroom designed and tested by Finance and M&A experts. We've designed a host of features to help you share your data and secure your external collaboration.

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Question & answer (Q&A) module

Streamline due diligence

With the Q&A module included in the M&A data room, you can answer questions from potential buyers and add additional documents to the file in a secure, centralized way.

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Open multiple data rooms from a single space

Upload your customer’s information to a digital vault and open multiple M&A data rooms without having to download data multiple times. Open as many data rooms as your customers need.

Encapsulating the data room

Improve your customer offering

Reassure your customer with evidence-based encapsulation. At the end of the deal, your customer will have access to a downloadable version of the data room, including files, activity log and Q&A. In the event of a dispute, encapsulation is a key piece of evidence in court.

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White Label

With the Timeref customization option...

Give your data room guests a platform that's just like you. Nurture the confidence of deal stakeholders with our advanced customization options.

With the probative value encapsulation option...

Be your customers' trusted third party in the event of a dispute for 5 years. Store and encapsulate the complete history of exchanges between the parties involved in the deal. Track every detail of the transaction, even after closing.

490€ HT

Download the complete data room.

Guaranteed document permanence up to legal archiving periods.

Reversibility thanks to the immediate application of the right to data recovery.


All file types can be stored in the M&A dataroom:

Document file: doc | docx | rtf | txt

Image files: jpg | jpeg | png

Presentation files: pdf | pps | ppt | pptx

Data files: csv | xls | xlsx | xlsb

Compressed files: rar | tar.gz | zip

Miscellaneous files: odf | odg | odp | ods | odt | otp | ott

The M&A data room administrator grants access to data room guests.

He may decide to grant access on a folder-by-folder basis.

No, you have a 15-day free trial period, after which you will need to provide a payment method if you wish to continue with Timeref data room M&A.

You can invite as many people as you like to your data room.

Guests will have access to the data room, but will not be able to modify it.

You are not limited to the number of pages or files in your data room.

Encapsulation is an innovative process developed by Timeref which takes place at the end of the deal. It consists in recording and freezing in a "capsule" all the communication that took place during the deal: deposits and consultations of sensitive data, annotations of working documents, questions/answers, access to the data room by users.

The entire life of the data room is archived in the capsule, like a film that ran from the beginning to the end of the deal. Whatever information needs to be preserved, encapsulation makes it possible to keep track of it.

But the biggest advantage of this process is its evidential value.

In the event of a dispute after the deal has been closed, the Timeref capsule can be used as evidence before a competent court, thanks to AFNOR NF203 certification, which guarantees the integrity of the data hosted by Timeref. For example, this makes it possible to prove that a document was indeed delivered to the auditors, and that it was consulted or modified by a given user on a given date.

In short, Timeref encapsulation makes your firm the "trusted third party" your customers can rely on in the event of a dispute.

  1. Financial documents: Balance sheets, income statements, audit reports, financial forecasts and other relevant financial documents.
  2. Legal documents: Contracts, agreements, patents, licenses, minutes of meetings, articles of association, and other legal documents.
  3. Corporate Reports: Annual reports, business plans, market analyses, management reports, etc.
  4. Human Resources Documents: Employee files, employment contracts, compensation information, and training documents.
  5. Intellectual Property Data: Information on patents, copyrights, trademarks, current research and development.
  6. Communication Documents: Press releases, marketing strategies, public relations documents and other promotional materials.
  7. Technical and Research Data: Technical specifications, manuals, research and development results, test data and analyses.
  8. Governance Documents: Documents relating to organizational structure, internal policies, regulatory compliance.
    Proposal documents: For better sales follow-up, documents such as letters of interest, letters of intent or termsheets can be stored in the data room.
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