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Who's behind the name Timeref

Our Mission :

At Timelyup, our mission is to make tomorrow’s business liquid.

To achieve this, we offer a unique combination of Digital Vault and Data Room, guaranteeing optimum security, simplicity and efficiency for your document management needs. This tool, which will follow the life of your company, will facilitate transfers, fund-raising and audits throughout its life.

Meet our founders :

Vincent Prévost


Vincent Prevost, our CEO, brings a wealth of experience as a financial auditor. With a track record of more than 50 transactions totaling 250 million euros, Vincent uses his experience to adapt Timelyup's solutions to corporate transactions.

Vincent Prevost CEO

Manuel Agard


As CTO of Timelyup, Manuel Agard, founder of Bility, a bespoke web development agency, has been passionate about AI since its inception, security and new technologies. His engineering expertise enables Timeref to meet the unique needs of users, combining innovation and practical solutions.

Manuel Agard CTO Timelyup

Emmanuel Legrand


Emmanuel Legrand, our CMO, headed up Deleganet, a digital marketing agency, before becoming a digital marketing consultant. His strategic vision guides Timelyup to reach and accompany companies on the path to digital transformation.

Emmanuel Legrand CMO Timelyup

Our Values :

Accès aux documents

Security :

Your trust is our top priority. We adhere to the strictest security standards to protect your sensitive information.

Document rangé dans un dossier


We believe in making complex processes simple. Timeref is designed with user-friendly features to streamline your document management.

Suivi de l'activité des membres

Your time is precious. Timeref optimizes your workflows, ensuring efficiency in every aspect of your document lifecycle.

Efficiency :

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Digital Vault

The fusion of 2 business needs:

1. Before the sale: Electronic Document Management (EDM) to centralize the company's sensitive data.

2. During the sale: a simple, fully secure tool for M&A auditors.

He searches. He searched, he prospected, he tested things. Then he realized that no such solution existed.

It's not that they're missing, because they do exist: legal documents, financial information, data relating to the company's business activities. But in most cases, this wealth of information is completely scattered among employees.

Like so many pieces of a complex puzzle that need to be pieced together before the audit can be carried out. And if Vincent has the soul of an investigator, he certainly doesn't have that of a cephaloclastophile. Cephalo-what? Cé-pha-lo-clas-to-phi-le: Or puzzle collector.

Icon de Data Room

Timeref Data Room

In the minds of the 3 entrepreneurs, everything happened very quickly: in 2017, Manuel, Vincent and Emmanuel decided to found the Timelyup software publishing company together. The Timeref suite thus becomes the 1st product on the market to offer a unique combination of digital vault and dataroom.

Its raison d'être is simple: to provide companies with the first high-security digital assistant that accompanies them throughout their entire lifecycle, from the centralization of their sensitive documents to the final closing of the sale deal.   

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