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Digital Vault

Essential features for all sensitive documents

Storage and security

Contrôle des accès aux documents

Access control

Manage your members' access rights and build your member teams with rights management for safes, folders and files

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Single documents

Make your documents unique with our protection algorithms that encrypt, time-stamp, index, version and digitally sign your documents.

Accès aux documents

Document rights

Manage your members' and teams' rights to your documents: deletion, downloading, printing.

Filing and analysis of your documents

Visionneuse de document

Document viewer

A viewer that reads documents in pdf, image (jpg, png, gif, bmp), .doc, .xls and ppt formats

Importation en masse de document

Mass imports

Easy drag&drop import of files and/or directories containing documents

Recherche de document assistée

Assisted document search

Find your documents easily with the text search function, which includes root and synonym search.

Controlled collaboration on your documents

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Questions/Answers by document

Dispel your users' doubts by answering their questions

Document rangé dans un dossier

Email notifications

Be notified in real time of platform activities

Suivi de l'activité des membres

Member statistics

Survey your users' interest and activity (files consulted, actions taken, time spent...)

Discover Timeref Digital Vault

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Data Room Timeref

Includes all the features of the safe, plus additional functions dedicated to your transactions

Gestion des droits

Simplified rights management

For guests, there is no dispute - all guests have the same rights.

Droits des invités

Guest rights

Add or remove a guest at any time. Allow or disallow guests to download a document.


Questions/Answers by document

Dispel your users' doubts by answering their questions

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White Label

With the Timeref customization option...

Give your dataroom guests a platform that's just like you. Nurture the confidence of deal stakeholders with our advanced customization options.

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