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Open up ultra-secure access to people outside your organization.

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Open up ultra-secure access to people outside your organization.

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AFNOR NF 203 Certified Software

Connections protected by a TSL protocol

Read-only mode

Solution hosted in Europe

Solution can be hosted on your own servers

Document authenticity

Document archiving

Dynamic Watermarking

Digitally signed documents

Document time-stamping

Automatically indexed documents

Managing access rights

Managing modification rights

Managing deletion rights

Add rights management

Team management

Download rights management

Guest rights management

Personalized NOA for document access.

Analysis and reporting

History of user actions in the activity log

Filter activity log

Export activity log

History of guest actions in the activity log


Q&A module

Probable Value Encapsulation

Search bar


Interface with your logo

Interface dressed in your colors

Timeref instance dedicated to your business

URL customization

Dedicated customer support


Nomber of admins





Number of users





Number of guests




Number of data rooms





What does Timeref do?

Timeref is a document security tool that includes an AFNOR NF 203-certified digital vault for storing your company’s sensitive files, and data rooms for opening highly secure ad hoc access for audits, transfers or sharing sensitive files.

Timeref’s prices are calculated according to the number of users and the number of open data rooms.

To register with Timeref, simply start a free trial, fill in your first and last name, your company, your profession, your email address and your password.

A Digital Vault is a secure storage space where you can store your company’s sensitive files and work on them with your colleagues.

A data room is a highly secure space dedicated to a project or sale.

In the dataroom, you can invite external collaborators to view documents to which you give them access. Your guests can also ask questions in a secure environment to provide additional information.

No, you don’t need a payment method for your 15-day free trial.

After this period, you will be asked to provide payment if you wish to continue using the Timeref solution.

Yes, you can have an evidence-based encapsulation at the end of each deal that will include the files, member list, Q&A and activity log.

This encapsulation will be available for 5 years and protected by our Digital Vault.

Yes, you can test Timeref for 15 days and upgrade to a paid version, keeping all your folders, members, safes and data rooms.

The evidential encapsulation is a data room archive containing shared files, the member list, questions and answers, attachments and the activity log.

AFNOR NF 203 is a French security standard based on ISO 27001, which assesses software security, compliance and quality.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Yes, you can add as many data rooms to your subscription at any time.

The price of an additional data room is :

  • 95 € /month with a 12-month commitment.
    119 € /month with a no-commitment offer.

Yes, you can add as many users as you like to your subscription at any time.

The price of an additional user is :

  • 10 € /month/user with a 12-month commitment
    12 € /month/user with a no-commitment offer.

A user is someone from your organization who can modify, add or delete documents in your storage space.

A guest is a person, usually external to your organization, who can only view the documents to which you give them access.

Yes, for greater confidentiality, you need to open a data room for each project or potential buyer.

Our data room is designed so that each guest has the same access. This reduces the risk of leaks, security or confidentiality issues.

When you close a data room, it will remain active for the entire current month.

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