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The unique combination of
digital vault and data-room
with document authentication

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Make your documents unique

With Timeref, every document is encrypted, versioned, indexed, time-stamped and protected by a dynamic watermark. All of which defines its digital borrowing.

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Digital Vault

Gather your strategic documents

Save time by centralizing all your strategic documents in 1 place, and manage access to them according to your collaborators.

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Exchange documents quickly

Your documents are open to the outside world, with no data leakage or loss. Invite the parties involved in your transactions to consult, annotate and exchange questions and answers. And everything will be historical and encapsulated at the end of transaction.

Choose a solution that complies with security standards and ensures the integrity of your data

Timeref is certified to the AFNOR NF203 standard, the industry benchmark for the evaluation of digital vault. NF203 guarantees the security, continuity, integrity and traceability of evidential documents hosted by the solution.

Certification issued by INFOCERT with AFNOR Certification. Quality requirements based on international standard ISO 25051. Business certification rules recognized as benchmarks by professionals and regulatory bodies.


Timeref +

Timeref + adapts to your company's needs and identity: corporate identity, customized functionalities, personalized access, dedicated hosting, data sovereignty... We study your every need

What are you waiting for to secure your documents and our transactions?

What Timeref can do for me

Considerable time savings

Significant reduction in printing costs

Maximize audit and fundraising efficiency

Future-proof solution

Optimal collaboration

Clean and healthy filing of your data

Unrivaled level of protection

ROI achieved in a matter of weeks

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